And the power of collaboration.

It’s been a few days since the Super Bowl passed and I still read articles mentioning the incomprehension about why The Weeknd hasn’t been paid to perform and why he put $7M of his pocket to deliver the show he imagined. I think that people having those reflections don’t understand the power, and the importance, of collaborations in the sports and entertainment industry today.

First, remember that The Weeknd is not the first artist that was not being paid to perform at the Super Bowl. They are ALL not paid. I get your point, it…

It happened!

On Saturday, July 11, I took the plane to Vienna, Austria. It was the first time I was getting out of my country, even my state, since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown which began March 16 in France.

Obviously, in a non-pandemic world, I had a trip planned during the month of April. A one-week road trip between Sevilla and Lisboa passing by Faro and the Algarve. Sounds dreamy, no? Anyway, three weeks ago, I had a travel crisis. …

On April 17, FIFPRO alerted on the global situation by publishing a report highlighting that women’s football could face an “existential threat” in the aftermath of the pandemic. It is true that while we are worried about the fate of major championships like the Premier League or La Liga, few voices have raised to defend women’s football which, however, also needs its marketing and ticketing revenues to survive in this context.

This report pointed out that failing to prioritize the resumption of leagues as in men’s football, it was more international matches that were to be favoured for women’s football…

Tomorrow begins the 2019–2020 Formula E season in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Compared to last year, there is no major change on the vehicle and in the competition rules so I decided that it will be the occasion to talk about the host of this first stage: Saudi Arabia. Not going to lie, I am not the happiest girl alive when I see more and more sports events taking place in this country. …

14–0 is the final score of the match between Iran and Cambodia in the frame of the qualifiers at the 2022 World Cup. An anecdotal result while the news was riveted on the 3,500 women, who for the first time have been able to go to the stadium by buying their tickets themselves.

40 years of prohibition

Since 1979, following the Islamic Revolution, women have been banned from attending any male sporting events even though it is not written in the law. Football, basketball or even volleyball, the rule is the same for all sports. …


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